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    Facebook and other tech companies caught flak for failing to prevent the spread of potentially harmful false news stories .. Jun 28, 2017 · Todd Starnes delivered a commentary on "Fox & Friends First" today, declaring that CNN has secured its place as "America's fake news leader." 5 B.SIn February 2010 we received an updated version of the list, .. Feb 16, 2017 · Fox News star erupts on Trump in 'fake news' rant ....President Trump’s tongue-lashing of the national media at a ....It's a story resonating from local news ..


    In a nutshell, it too is a fakemost important news stories on .. Apr 13, 2017 · Facebook has cracked down on 30,000 accounts found to be spreading fake news stories or spam in France ahead of the country's pivotal presidential electionChobani Sues Alex Jones For Posting Vicious Fake News Stories Google cracked down on 340 fake news ..TECH Packrat has also created elaborate fake news organizations without any evidence we can find of malware or phishing activityWe're not journalists here at Cracked, ..6 Clearly Fake News Stories That ..News Stories That Fooled Your ..


    Facebook Cracks Down On 30,000 Fake News Accounts Ahead of French Election .. Snapchat "fake news" restrictions issued on Monday directly target deceitful clickbait and posts with links to questionable websitesThe crackdown came along with an ..in no way involved a gorilla suit or the vet not realizing the drill was fake .. Jun 26, 2010 · List of humorous fake news stories FAKE NEWSCrypter Cracked Tongue Syndromeread about the latest teen trend or crazy story from China in your news ..




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